As an image consultant, I always recommend a style and colour consultation to my clients as it can be incredibly beneficial in enhancing their overall appearance and boosting their confidence. During a style consultation, we identify your body shape, personal style, and lifestyle needs to create a wardrobe that not only suits your personality but also makes you look and feel great.

Meanwhile, a colour consultation involves identifying which colours complement your skin tone, hair, and eye colour, to help you choose clothes that enhance your natural features and make you stand out in a positive way.

By combining these two consultations, you’ll have a comprehensive understanding of what looks best on you, and you’ll be able to make confident fashion choices that work for you. A style and colour consultation is a worthwhile investment for anyone looking to improve their fashion sense, and it can have a significant impact on how they feel about themselves both inside and out.

We will cover the following?

  • Body shape analysis
  • Face shape analysis
  • Colour analysis
  • Style identity analysis

Complete a form in your own time and submit a few photos, after which you will receive a PDF ebook with the results of your analyses, including style recommendations based on your colouring, body shape, proportions, face shape and style identity.

Topics covered include:

  • Your best clothing styles and colours
  • Hairstyles and colours
  • Makeup styles and colours
  • Accessory styles and colours
  • Textures and surfaces
  • Patterns and fabrics
  • Your style identity
  • Style solutions for any particular concerns that you may have