Where to buy activewear in South Africa

As a personal stylist, I’ve seen firsthand how wearing good quality, flattering activewear can make a huge difference in a person’s confidence and overall workout experience – whether you’re working out at home or at the gym. We have a bunch of fabulous local brands and retailers to choose from, right here in South Africa.

While it may seem superficial, the truth is that when you feel good in what you’re wearing, you’re more likely to enjoy your workout and perform better. Here are some of the ways that flattering activewear can benefit your workout:

  1. Boosts Confidence

    When you’re wearing activewear that fits well and looks good, you’ll naturally feel more confident. This can translate to your workout, making you feel more powerful and capable. When you’re feeling good about yourself, you’re more likely to push yourself harder and achieve better results.

  2. Improves Range of Motion

    High quality activewear that’s designed to be flattering is also designed to be functional. This means that it’s made with materials that stretch and move with your body, allowing you to move freely and comfortably. This can be especially important for activities like pilates where you need to be able to move through a range of motions.

  3. Provides Support

    Many types of activewear are designed with built-in support for your muscles and joints. For example, compression leggings can help improve circulation and reduce muscle fatigue, while sports bras can provide support for your breasts during high-impact activities. When your body is properly supported, you’ll be able to perform better and reduce your risk of injury.

  4. Regulates Body Temperature

    Activewear is often made with breathable materials that help regulate your body temperature. This means that you’ll stay cooler and more comfortable during your workout, even when you’re sweating. This can help you push yourself harder and for longer, improving your overall endurance and fitness level.

  5. Enhances Performance

    Finally, wearing high quality activewear can actually enhance your performance. When you’re wearing clothes that are designed specifically for your activity, you’ll be able to move more freely and comfortably, which can help you perform better. Additionally, when you’re feeling confident and comfortable in your clothes, you’ll be able to focus more on your workout and less on any discomfort or distractions.

In conclusion, wearing high quality, flattering activewear can have a huge impact on your workout. Not only will it boost your confidence and make you feel more comfortable, but it can also improve your range of motion, provide support, regulate your body temperature, and enhance your overall performance. So the next time you’re getting ready for a workout, take a few extra minutes to choose activewear that makes you feel great – you’ll be amazed at the difference it can make!

Here are some fabulous local South African activewear brands and stockists. I will be adding to this list as I discover new brands.

Oi! Active Living


Oi! Active Living is an authorized distributor and reseller of Bro fitwear in the South Africa. Bro fitwear is a Brazilian activewear brand based in Rio de Janeiro Brazil, and established in 1995 by Ambrosina Alencar. Bro Fitwear has been dressing global and urban women who live an active lifestyle for over two decades. With a bold and joyful DNA, Brofit imprints have a unique fit, distinct design and superb quality, which is guaranteed by high standards combined only with the best textile materials. We carry latest and newest styles.

Be Fit SA


As active women, we searched for workout outfits that are comfortable and chic but we found them difficult to come by.
This realization led us to the launch of Befitsa, a company that carries active and loungewear full of details and never your plain pair of leggings. With limited stock of each style, you will always be UNiQUE just like you.

Koko Active


Koko Active is a luxurious activewear brand locally made in South Africa. Each range has a different print that is illustrated by the founder Courtney Hall. The illustrations are then digitally printed onto the fabrics. Each piece has been ethically designed and made by women, for women. Our high quality products are made to make ladies feel confident and comfortable whilst being fashionable and functional.

Rush SA


Based in South Africa, Sally Winter who graduated from the London College of Fashion, launched Rush Activewear.

Fashionable and innovative activewear for women providing extreme quality. Rush styles are designed to provide comfort, style and functionality. We’ve experimented with different patterns, materials and cuts, all with the idea of making women feel confident. The waistbands are thicker, the cuts are more flattering and comfortable. Join the Rush Revolution >>

Hushwear SA


With Hushwear, you empower yourself by reflecting on the strong, daring, and playful parts of your unique personality. Attract attention with our range of comfortable, colourful, durable gym wear for women and underwear for men and boys. Exuberate adventure and confidence, because you’re brave enough.

Donna Sullivan owned FLATLINE, which was about empowering teens to believe in their self-worth, to take their frustrations in life outside and to find out exactly who they were by supporting them and believing in them against the odds in extreme sports. Where winning isn’t 1st prize but not quitting and having the courage to get on the start line is.

HUSH – seemed like a natural progression from the above, incorporating Ladies Wear and HUSH also had more Infrastructure, (or that how I looked at it) which FLATLINE didn’t have.

So combining FLATLINE into HUSH with the same ideals and passions. I will bring in ladies’ underwear eventually as well as other items of Athleisure.


Tigerlilly is owned and run by myself, Brigitte, and was born out of a need for active and dancewear in Knysna during a time that my daughter had started ballet classes. 

The business has grown and shifted over the years, and I now focus on design driven active, yoga and athleisurewear for woman.

We started out with dancewear and activewear, locally designed and manufactured. Through plenty of feedback from our loyal customers we now focus on ethically sourced yoga, athleisure and activewear to support the lifestyle of like-minded modern woman who value healthy living, mindfulness and living a life of adventure. We have a beautiful store in the pretty town of Knysna, and also sell online nationally. 

Wild Heart Active


Based in Kokstad 🇿🇦
Proudly manufactured in SA!
Comfortable leggings!
Perfect for Yoga, Gym, Running or just everyday wear!

Positive Pants


What started with two sisters and a pair of brightly coloured leggings has become so much bigger than just a small side hustle. It’s become a big dream realised, a fiercely feminine rallying cry, calling on each and every woman to put on their Positive Pants– literally, figuratively, mentally and emotionally – every darn day in the ways that matter most, to them.

Sure, we make a great pair of leggings and a fab leisurewear set but, like every single woman, there’s so much more to us than what meets the eye.

It’s not just a bold print or a bright colour, it’s a “You’ve got this!” reminder to dream boldly and never dim your light. It’s not just a super soft fabric, it’s the comforting voice of a big sister that says, “You can do hard things.”It’s more than a perfect fit, it’s the positive affirmation pinned permanently to your sub-conscious that reads: You weren’t born to fit in,  you were made to stand out.

Positive Pants is a community, a place where positive vibes are always in style and everybody is invited. We’re about standing up for the women in our orbit and showing up for ourselves, our families and our communities. We’re not stereotypes, we’re role models. We’re into collaboration, not competition, self-love, not self-doubt. 

You see, we’re not about selling a product, we’re about empowering women, like you, not to sell yourself short. So, here’s to getting out of your own way, to loving yourself in all your positively one-of-a-kind glory and giving the women watching you the positive push they need to do the same.

Red Avo Activewear


We are living in a world that detects how we should express ourselves. Standing out of the crowd is shunned upon, but not at RedAvo.

We are a fearless, unapologetic and bold athleisure brand that believes in the power of expressing yourself.

Bloom by Tanya


Koakoa Active


/𝚔𝚘𝚠𝚊𝚑-𝚔𝚘𝚠𝚊𝚑/ (𝚗)
𝚠𝚊𝚛𝚛𝚒𝚘𝚛, 𝚋𝚛𝚊𝚟𝚎 𝚘𝚗𝚎
Ultra comfy, high performance activewear.⚡️

Sunbird Active

Erica Thompson Henning and Heather Toms Crompton, friends, designers and active lifestyle enthusiasts joined forces to bring you a collection of quality activewear clothing and accessories for the whole family!

Locally made activewear trends and styles in top quality fabrics to enhance and grow your existing active wardrobe, or to start from scratch with our basic builders!

Our first product line was our boys jammer swim shorts!  Made for swimming, running, paddling, climbing, running or whatever sport you love best!  Comfortable, stylish, chlorine resistant, UPF50+ sun protection – to make them safer in the sun – and with a fully lined front panel and a drawstring elasticated waist!

Inspired by our own very active boys (we have 4 between us) it seemed the logical launching point!  Our 4 boys; Mikey, Jaimie, Aaron and Daniel are not only our biggest fans and supporters, but also our best product researchers!  And we are very happy to report that our boys jammers have not only passed with flying colours – but been thoroughly tested by our very active boys!



Kheper is the brand that makes Activewear For Every Body.

Lara Fay Activewear


Lara Fay Activewear was founded by Lara Tennent in 2019.

After living abroad for years and seeing the beautiful active clothing available to women internationally, she decided to merge her love for all things fashion, exercise and the outdoors into the brand we know today.

Lara’s mission is to bring you a contemporary wardrobe of elevated essentials, which you can wear everyday, all day. Designed for the modern multi-tasking woman, we aim to bring women a wardrobe of highly-technical must-haves. As we evolve, so does our wardrobe!

Reset Activewear


🍑Luxury Activewear inspiring womxn to embrace their curves.

VO2max Activewear


The business came from a passion of mine for all things health and fitness. I am a very active person and studied Sports Sciences at Stellenbosch University. I was on a mission to find and create comfortable activewear that is easy to move in while looking flattering and chic enough to wear to coffee after your workout. I strive to make my activewear feel as soft and buttery to the touch while having enough support and compression for higher intensity exercise. I hope you fall in love with my brand as much as I have.



WOTM Crossbody Phone Cases

Woman on the Move (WOTM) is a proudly South African Fashion-Tech accessory brand founded in 2020, in the small town of Hout Bay, Cape Town.

After seeing the concept overseas and with no luck in finding similar, high-quality, products in SA, two friends came together to bring their own designs to life – both are moms of busy toddlers and wanted a way to keep their phones safe and easily accessible at all times.

The WOTM crossbody straps & phone covers are the ideal way to keep your hands free! The straps connect to a strong silicone case for your smartphone. 
Snap photos, take quick notes or answer calls without having to dig through your handbag, then let your phone hang by your side when you are done! 
No more leaving your phone behind. 
No more fumbling and dropping. 

All products are designed to keep you fashionable and on the move!
Keep your phone safe and your hands free with a WOTM crossbody strap & cover.

ZAC+GRAY Crossbody Phone Cases


Zac+Gray was founded in Cape Town in 2021 by entrepreneurs Ruth and Frank, who named the brand after their newborn twin sons, Zachary and Grayson.

When their events business was brought to a sudden halt in 2020, they were motivated to start a new business which could operate under the challenging circumstances, as well as ensure the livelihood of their team, who were otherwise facing unemployment.

They were aware of the demand for crossbody phone cases in Europe and wanted to offer a stylish, practical, high-quality product to the South African market. Zac+Gray is the only retailer of crossbody phone cases which have the additional benefit of removable and interchangeable straps or cords.

The Zac+Gray team is based in Cape Town, South Africa.

Vivolicious Activewear


Vivolicious is a proudly South African brand, from design to finish. We pride ourselves in making beautiful active wear. We morph art, inspired by nature and human emotions, into quality fitness apparel, resulting in stylish statement active wear.

We are meticulous when it comes to our designs, ensuring the utmost quality is achieved, whether in style, print, colour or functionality.  Everything has to work – It has to be pretty AND practical.  We love it, when you love it. 

The Peach Brand


The Peach Brand has its early origins in November of 2020 and its official beginning in March of 2021. Born out of the love for fitness and health, our founder, Kathleen wanted to create a brand that was truly for women, by women. 

From there the formidable combination of Kath and Jaz was formed. Jaz joined the team in January of 2021 as she shares the same passions and values as Kath. 

The Peach Brand aims to bridge the gap between athleisure and lifestyle, producing products that enhance the beauty of your natural shape, maintaining a level of elegance and timelessness so as not to limit you to only wearing our garments in a ‘fitness’ space. 

The Peach Brand is an all-inclusive female fitness wear brand, we want you to feel comfortable, confident, and powerful in our items. We want our brand to resonate with feelings of power, community, and love.



The activewear range is composed of recycled and sustainable materials to ensure a form-fitting, second-skin feeling outfit for when you are on the go. With unique, fashion-forward prints and versatile garments, you are enabled to be #activeinyourworld in style. Our loungewear range makes you as comfortable as you are by day, but by night. With breathable organic bamboo fabric, you’ll be embraced by an ultra-soft matching ensemble to chill in style. Matching baby rompers are available in the same raw, soft bamboo material to create a matching set perfect as a gift to moms-to-be. The loungewear sets can also be gifted to a close girlfriend or be a comfy treat for yourself.



Cheyna Dot




We’re on a mission to get the world moving. We believe that through movement, we can best show up for ourselves, push boundaries and live a happy & healthy life.

Moving isn’t specific to exercise- movement is meditation, its intentional rest, it’s pouring yourself a cup of coffee, its journaling, its showing up for YOU. 







Everything we do, from how we create to the people with who we collaborate, is focused on one goal, and that goal is to inspire. To be a brand that people want to belong to. To be a brand people want to follow & support. To be a brand that people are proud to wear on their chest. A brand that is not in the business of selling but rather in the business of creating a community. A place where people of all backgrounds can come together, as a collective and be inspired. Not only by us, but by everyone who forms part of the Orange Tag Tribe.

Nahoon Active Swimwear


Pioneered on the beautiful beaches of the Eastern Cape, South Africa by a young girl, from a family of water-sport legends, who spent her childhood in the sea. After many years with waves under her board, wind in her sails and sea-salt in her hair, she decided that there just wasn’t a bikini good enough to keep up with her. She’d had hundreds of them but they came off in the surf, pulled on your neck, drowned you in spandex or made you feel a little too exposed. 

She wanted something stylish but sturdy, no odd tan lines after hours on the beach, no slip ups on a duckdive. Simple but versatile, for your run in the morning and your afternoon paddle. Comfortable and fun, practical but feminine. 

After years of fine-tuning a design of her own, a bikini was born that was all that she asked for. A bikini for her, born from the surf and named after the beach where it all began. 



We believe that feeling confident in your activewear will improve your performance! We strive to provide our customers with high quality, in fashion activewear that will bring out the true confidence that lies within! 

SweatGear designed by Minnette




Noo Moon


Meet Noo Moon, the birth child of international model and fitness enthusiast, Nicole Naude. Over her years spent modeling incredible activewear around the world, she came across BroFitwear and a collaboration was born.

During July 2020 and the height of the Covid-19 Pandemic, the team over at Bro sent Nicole a few pieces. She was so blown away by the fabrics, styles and quality, that she knew the South African market would love it too.

With the pandemic halting most of the modeling industry, Nicole put all of her time and effort into creating her new business, Noo Moon. “Noo” being her childhood nickname and “Moon” inspired by her spirituality and love for the universe, its gifts and all of its people.

Noo Moon is now selling two incredible Brazilian brands, Bro and Vestem. With a vision to empower women, Noo Moon ensures that they can be both confident and stylish in their activewear. Every piece is hand-selected, with only one or two of each style brought to South Africa. This guarantees that women look and feel as unique as they really are.

Akima Active SA


Ocean Active


We aim to promote a healthy, active lifestyle. We want you to discover the power that lies in true confidence. Even on bad days, we promise to provide you with the confidence boost or motivation you need, to push through. If you are looking for high quality, comfortable activewear, you have come to the right place. Our mission is to create and grow a brand that can offer you high quality and value, while building a community of strong and driven individuals.

2XU South Africa


Over the past decade 2XU has partnered with world leading research teams to scientifically prove the benefits of 2XU garments. We rigorously test our fabrics using state-of-the-art techniques and equipment to ensure they are engineered to sustain the demands of sport.

The benefits of our compression relies on our fabrics being firm and durable and graduated. Every batch of compression fabric we manufacture is first tested for power and recovery on an Instron tensile strength tester. If it does not meet quality standards it will be rejected and re-made. Approved compression fabric is then carefully constructed into a garment and tested on the Salzmann pressure measurement device to ensure they have a correct graduated pressure profile. The Salzmann testing apparatus is internationally recognised as the most technically accurate device for compression measurement, and is commonly used to test medical compression.

Athi Health and Fitness


We are an African premium fitness, lifestyle and experience brand. All our products are designed and manufactured in South Africa. We believe physical activity impacts how we live and our ability to compete and succeed in life. The right attire that fits well and has cooling properties can prevent injury, minimise restriction, regulate and control body temperature, improve performance, boost confidence and improve motivation.

We supply high quality, durable activewear for runners, gym, hiking and yoga fanatics as well as well-tailored casual wear for all. We offer bespoke and personalised service to those who need and require the service.​

We promote and enable health and fitness for all through various fun and convenient activities as well as sharing insightful and valuable knowledge. We enable all our clients to look good with clothing that fits comfortably and has functionality. We are passionate about health and fitness! We love colour!

We advocate for convenience, purpose, balance, self-expression and wholeness!

Our tribe consists of individuals who are active, driven, playful, self-assured and love to have fun. Those who exercise to keep fit and healthy, take pride in how they look, feel and present themselves.

Funky Pants


Hi, we’re Funky Pants. We’re called Funky Pants because we make pants and our pants are funky. Seriously funky. Not only are they seriously funky, Our Funky Pants are ridiculously comfy.
Funky pants started nearly 14 years ago when Tracy Harker was organising an Ocean Surfski Paddling Series in South Africa. Tracy was disillusioned by the paddle shorts available, not simply because of their lack of funk but also because of the fit. The result was a pair of ridiculously comfy, fully lined mid-thigh length, paddling tights. Success! These pants, although comfy, were not the funky pants you see before you now. A certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ was required.

After a few years of making plain colored Paddling shorts, Tracy decided to test the market with some brightly coloured, funky looking pants. Tracy’s husband, Billy Harker, took one look at them and exclaimed, Tracy’s Funky Pants!  Now with the ridiculously comfy quarters, cycling pants, cycling bibs and tri-suits. Basically everything you need to be funky. Fighting boredom, one pair at a time. Heroes, right?
If you’re lazy, here’s everything in bullet form of our classic shorts:

  • Ridiculously Comfy
  • Fully lined
  • Fight Boredom one pair at a time.
  • Amphibious fabric.

LIMBA Originals


We want women to celebrate all they are.
With LIMBA athleisurewear and activewear, we create clothing for women who aren’t afraid to stand out and be the best they can be.

BUNNY TUMMY shapewear is available exclusively via LIMBA in South Africa. The softest, most comfortable shapewear you will ever own, this premium figure forming, seamless body-slimming shapewear combines breathable fabric with advanced compression technology.

Me and the sea

Hi! I’m Christelle, founder and owner of Me and the Sea. Me and the Sea was born out of a love for the ocean. When I chat to women about riding waves, watching the sun rise from backline, and surfing with dolphins, I see that sparkle in their eyes. The sparkle that says, “Hey, I want to try that too.” I also hear the familiar questions: “How do I get started?” and “What do I even wear?” How easily we talk ourselves out of doing the thing we’ve been dreaming of. We tell ourselves we can’t do it. Me and the Sea is about women who say yes, who find a way to follow their passion, from land to sea.

I really struggled to find a bikini that let me have fun in and out of the water, while still looking utterly stylish. So I started designing what we call ‘active swimwear’ – swimwear and activewear – that supports your active, playful lifestyle. Whether you swim, surf, SUP, surfski, play volleyball on the beach or frolic with your kids in the shore break, Me and the Sea swimwear stays on, provides support, protects your skin AND looks incredible.

Me and the Sea is building a community of confident women who love what they’re wearing and feel at home in their own skin. Women who care about the ocean and each other. Women who have found their happy place in the water and know what makes their soul come alive, regardless of age, skill or board of choice. Me and the Sea is proudly South African. Every one of our garments is meticulously handmade in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal.