Where to buy plus-size women’s clothing in South Africa

Plus-size clothing is generally considered a women’s size 18 and beyond. Finding beautiful plus-size clothing can be challenging, but these brands have absolutely stunning options in a variety of sizes.


– Up until size 42.

– Our styles are timeless and classic wardrobe staples.

– Clothing with a twist or an unexpected detail that ensures it ALWAYS looks modern and ahead of the trends, year after year.

– Our cuts are flattering with our styles being comfy and easy-to-wear, fitting easily into the practicalities of your everyday life and giving you the confidence to effortlessly look and feel your best every day.



Fluidity Clothing is a proudly South African women’s clothing range crafted with love and passion by four South African women who aim to create the kind of clothing they would want to wear and own themselves. Fluidity clothing is made to make women who wear it feel beautiful, empowered, comfortable and proud.

They offer truly inclusive sizing with their sized garments being available in 32 to 48 and their many, stylish, one-size-fits-all designs being available to comfortably fit ladies sized 28 to 52.

They create ranges that play beautifully with the season’s best colours, prints, sequins, shimmers, and fabrics – creating both bodycon and flowy garments; and all of their designs – be it long dresses, short dresses, tops, tunics, kimonos, pants, skirts, playsuits or jumpsuits –  are created with versatility and fluidity in mind – so that women can take one of their Fluidity garments and easily dress it up or down, wear it out or at home, wear it day or night – and have it be a staple in their wardrobe for many years. Fluidity Clothing is about empowering the women that wear it – making them feel their best selves every time they wear their favourite Fluidity Clothing pieces.

You can shop Fluidity Clothing’s latest ranges via their website (with free courier delivery to your door), in all of The Space stores across SA (including online), and via Fluidity Clothing’s Instagram and Facebook pages. You can also shop Fluidity’s “Daisychain by Fluidity Clothing” range in all Big Blue stores across the country.


Instagram: @fluidityclothing

Direct orders/queries: [email protected]

Essence of Autumn


EoA is a small online clothing business. We provide clothing to plus-sized and curvy women ranging from sizes 16 – 24 (0xl-4xl) and bigger.  EoA is all about belonging, equality ,and not being ashamed of who you are or how you look. For me (being a big-girl myself), it’s all about the women in the back that has been told they are not beautiful and not worthy of love and respect because they are bigger than what society has labeled as beautiful. 
Our mission is to challenge societal body standards and our vision is to fill the gap in the clothing market where plus-sized women have to buy their clothing from dedicated stores and to prevent them from spending their hard-earned money on expensive clothing pieces just because they have no other options available.We want to inspire women to be their authentic self and to learn that they too can look beautiful.
Your order can be delivered to your doorstep throughout the whole of South Africa. We strive to offer our customers an affordable and personalised service throughout their journey with us. 
EoA is a movement. To make big woman feel beautiful again.

Mella Moon

Mella Moon has developed a line of Bamboo leisurewear, specialising in leggings. We offer a wide variety of styles and dye up new colours seasonally. Our made-to-order concept allows us to cater to a very inclusive size curve, ensuring that you will always find your fit with Mella Moon, be it an XS or 3XL. Visit our online store, select your Style, Colour and Size from our catalogue , and we cut and make your leggings just for you, and deliver to your door.

We have recently started integrating tops into our range, and will be expanding on this in the near future.

Our uniquely developed Bamboo Lycra is gorgeously soft and stretchy, embracing bodies of all shapes and sizes.

We believe that the Love of Comfort shouldn’t limit us to unflattering styles, and so we celebrate body positivity with bold and inclusive styles, as well as keeping our pricing consistent across sizes.

You shouldn’t have to pay more, just because you weigh more.

Ruff Tung


Bridget Pickering writes: I am most excited about my RUFF TUNG INCLUSIVE vision, allowing all women to experience fashion in the same way, regardless of size. We embrace all curves and are delighted at the amazing woman we are getting to dress across the continent. 

Never underestimate the power of a good frock – the psychology of women & shopping. 

RUFF TUNG inclusive launched 6 years ago with every size & shape on the runway.  I underestimated the emotional impact of how designing for curves has opened up so many doors & windows into the lives of our ladies – insecurities have been turned into celebrations. Making women feel worthy, feel confident, and learning to love themselves again.

Our size curve is as follows; SM, LXL, 40/42, 44/46 (same designs & same prices)

Charlie Irish


HMV Elegant Couture

–, Whatsup 0822140095

Lee Bex


Rosey N Boutique


Forever New Curve


Nella’s Closet


Positive Pants


Wild Earth


Donna Girl


Roze Collection


Me and B


Up to size 46

Tallit Wear


Get This


Thoughts Boutique




Good Clothing


Cotton On Curve


Regtig Blessed

Glare Modern Vintage

Up to size XXL


Up to size 24

Maya Prass




Eagle Clothing