Where to buy scrubs in South Africa

As a professional image consultant, I understand the importance of presenting a polished and put-together appearance in any profession. This is especially true in the medical profession, where your appearance can affect the way patients perceive you and their overall confidence in your abilities. One aspect of your appearance that can be easily overlooked but is nonetheless important is your choice of scrubs.

Here are some tips on how to choose the most flattering scrubs for those in the medical profession:

Consider the fit:

The fit of your scrubs is one of the most important factors in determining how flattering they will be. Make sure your scrubs fit well, without being too tight or too loose. Scrubs that are too tight can be uncomfortable and unflattering, while those that are too loose can look sloppy and unprofessional.

Choose the right colour:

When it comes to colour, it’s important to consider both your skin tone and the environment you work in. Consider the colors of your workplace and choose scrubs that complement the environment. If you have to buy scrubs for an entire team, I would suggest choosing a universally flattering colour that suits all skin tones.

Universally flattering colours include soft white, medium grey, aqua, coral, plum and chocolate brown.

Opt for high-quality materials:

Scrubs made from high-quality materials not only look better but also feel more comfortable to wear. Look for scrubs made from soft, breathable fabrics like cotton or bamboo.

Pay attention to details:

Small details like pockets, seams, and stitching can make a big difference in the overall look of your scrubs. Look for scrubs with well-placed pockets that flatter your shape, and avoid scrubs with bulky or unflattering seams and stitching.

Consider your body type:

Just like with any clothing, certain styles of scrubs may be more flattering on certain body types. If you have a curvier figure, consider scrubs with a V-neckline or empire waist to accentuate your curves. If you have a more athletic build, consider scrubs with a tailored or fitted silhouette.

In conclusion, choosing the most flattering scrubs for those in the medical profession requires attention to detail and consideration of various factors. By following these tips, you can ensure that your scrubs are not only comfortable but also professional and polished, enhancing your overall appearance in the workplace.


We are a local producer, manufacturer and supplier of medical scrubs, doctors laboratory coats, doctors jackets and doctors scrub caps.

We offer custom embroidery on all products as well as custom badges on different coloured materials across our ranges and delivery nationwide.


WiZmed is a proudly South African startup launched by medical students that provides quality stethoscopes, scrubs and medical equipment at the best prices in Africa. Our wide range of Littmann Stethoscopes, ADC products and ERKA range ensures that there is something suitable to everyone’s budget and personality.


YES, we make every single pair right here in South Africa! Local really is LEKKER!

YES, all of the fabric that we use is breathable – we know how busy healthcare professionals get and we know that you need to keep cool under pressure.


Bringing affordable, luxury medical apparel to the modern-day professional in South Africa! From the theatre to home, we offer the best selection of custom medical scrubs South Africa-wide. We will have you feeling proud of how you look in them – but most importantly proud of what they stand for.


All our products are manufactured by us in South Africa. We use only the best quality materials and have consulted medical professionals to implement the best designs.


Fifi Scrubs is a small, proudly South African business. I am Fifi, a 21 year old med student. I run Fifi Scrubs with the help of my family. From my perspective as a med student, I saw that there was a need for stylish, fun scrubs for health care professionals- to brighten up their day and to lift patients’ spirits. I come from a family of dressmakers and I would make my own scrubs to wear to hospital. My colleagues loved them and encouraged me to start selling my scrubs. Fifi Scrubs started as a little Instagram shop with only 10 scrub tops in our inventory. Now we have customers all around South Africa and we have the widest range of printed scrubs in the country. We are so grateful to every follower, customer and supporter.


Hi there! We’re Lorraine and Maryke – medical professionals in Cape Town and the founders of Skroptoppie.

After working for 4 years, we were already tired of our ill-fitting and dull uniforms and realised that most of our colleagues were too. We all wanted to express ourselves and feel like an individual in our work clothes. So, we decided to create something that we and our colleagues could feel comfortable and stylish in.

The answer was: Skroptoppie.

We are all about customer service. If your scrub doesn’t fit we will happily alter it for you to get that perfect fit.

If you are a medical practice or large company in need of scrub tops, please contact us so we can organise a bulk order for you.

Enhance your professional wardrobe today and show your true colours.

Skroptoppie designs and makes patterned, soft cotton scrub tops that are workable, practical and fashionable. We want to go out of our way to make our scrubs comfortable and stylish for any medical professional’s needs and preferences.

We want to challenge the industry with our colourful, fun scrubs. Our work is hard and often glum, but that doesn’t mean our outfits need to be as well. Let’s bring joy into our everyday working lives!



Scrubd is a South African manufacturer and seller of high quality affordable medical scrubs. We are Proudly South African and therefore source all our materials locally in order to support our surrounding local businesses and help them grow. We are a growing SA based business with a focus on scrubs for sale online. 

Scrubd was founded in February 2021 as a brainchild born from the necessity to succeed after a Global Pandemic greatly impacted peoples lives and livelihood.

Scrubd is committed to providing unique, durable and affordable products to all the people of South Africa. We are also open to collaborate with other local South African sellers who share our vision. If you would like to collaborate with us, leave us a message here.

Scrubd is constantly evolving and expanding its reach, with new partnerships being formed all the time. We are consistently looking to provide value to our partners and customers by catering to their specific needs. We recognize that your job is fast-paced and difficult at times – we therefore look to provide the perfect scrubs so that you can be comfortable for any task at hand.

We have collaborated with suppliers in Durban as well as Cape Town and look to build on these relationships and expand in order to bring you the best quality and affordability around! One of our main goals is to provide scrubs to all of South Africa and beyond.

Scrubd is also a medical scrubs uniform manufacturer for various companies within the medical industry and we do bulk orders with very competitive rates. Some have rated us “the best scrub manufacturer they’ve ever worked with” – just saying!


Wave Medical – a producer, retailer, and wholesaler of luxury, designer medical scrubs – opened in 2016 when two healthcare professionals, upset with the quality and fit of the market offering at the time, set out to create a company that provides luxury, slim-fitting, stylish, and premium medical scrubs. 

After months and months of on the ground research, Wave Medical designed a set of scrubs that is both stylish and functional. Our scrubs design has been constantly reworked and redeveloped, to ensure that our scrubs design, fabric, and fit stay in tune with the times. 

Our scrubs are designed and manufactured locally in South Africa, and are available for nationwide delivery. 

The end result is a scrubs set that is stylish, slim-fitting, luxurious, and functional. Really, what more that could you want from a pair of scrubs?

Wave Medical, designed by professionals, for professionals.


Want designer scrub tops, scrub pants, scrub caps & masks, lab coats and other accessories? Then shop with Scrubs Rx. We sell unique, high quality, stylish scrubs and more for both female and male healthcare professionals. Scrubs Rx is a South African based company serving clients nationally and in other African countries. We are the exclusive, authorized importer and distributor of koi Happiness and Adar professional apparel in South Africa.

We believe that South Africa’s community of healthcare professionals and service providers deserve access to medical apparel of high standard and comfort in a range of fashionable colours and styles; all at a reasonable price.


We are a proudly South African manufacturer and supplier of medical scrubs, Dr jackets, and laboratory coats. Our scrubs are designed in both monotone and colorful printed range for a fresh look. They are handmade with durable fade-resistant fabrics that are easy to wash, comfortable, and suitable for day to day wear. Our aim is to infuse style and professionalism into medical uniforms.



With daughter being a medical doctor and mother being an experienced dressmaker – their two worlds combined to bring forth Angel Scrubs.

We manufacture each set of scrubs by order. This allows us to produce your scrubs with you in mind and deliver service with a personal touch. 

We see our role as that of a support to medical personnel: While you are taking care of your patients, we like to think we are taking care you of by supplying you with comfortable, premium scrubs. 


Proudly South African Company servicing professionals in all areas that want to look good, feel great and be comfortable 24/7. Designing and manufacturing all uniforms in house we are proud to say we are the leaders when it comes to unique designs. Our company is built by your, for you. if you have an idea or complaint, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly.



The future of medical scrubs is here! Designed and tailored for Health Care Professionals’ wants and needs, while looking the part of a professional.


ECG Clinical Wear was founded in 2015 with a mission to provide scrubs that fit and last. Our scrubs are made with quality materials and are designed to withstand the demands of a medical professional’s day-to-day work.

Our scrubs are made with quality materials and are designed to withstand the demands of a nurse’s, doctor’s, or physiotherapist’s day-to-day work. We offer a wide range of products to suit any medical professional’s needs, including:

– nurse uniforms

– doctor scrubs

– physiotherapist scrubs

We are currently expanding into Southern African countries, and continue to offer excellent customer service. Our scrubs are expertly designed and manufactured in Pretoria, South Africa.



Welcome! We are Jacques and Maricia and are based in beautiful Knysna. I am an animal lover working as a full time veterinarian.  Jacques has a small foam and upholstery business in town. Kai, our loving border collie, keeps us smiling!

My passion for re-engineered scrubs started in my final year of studying when I realized how few good quality, stylish, beautifully fitting scrubs are available in SA. We strive to provide you with all that and more! We’ve learnt so much since then and would like to thank you guys, none of this would be possible without your support and feedback.

Meraki is a word used to describe doing something with soul, creativity or love. “Putting something of yourself into whatever you do.” Some of our scrubs are named after influential individuals in different fields that have made a positive difference in the world. With our scrubs, we would like to inspire you to do the same. We love sustainability and believe in quality.

We hope you love your scrubs!


We are a vibrant medical scrubs brand based in Cape Town, South Africa, committed to empowering our local communities through job opportunities and sustainable business practices. Our passion for color and comfort shines through in each carefully crafted piece, made by skilled seamstresses in our community. Founded during the Covid pandemic, we strive to bring a touch of joy to healthcare workers and patients alike, while making a positive impact in our community.