Zelat Leather

ZELAT was established by two sisters in 2017. They share a passion for people, quality products, accounting, and entrepreneurship. Heleen, the eldest, runs her own accounting firm, and Lizelle, the youngest, is busy completing her CIMA, Chartered Professional Management Accountant Qualification, and working as an Accountant at their family business.

They always dreamt of creating their own South African leather brand.  They wanted to create top-quality leather products that are also classy, timeless and, most of all, practical.

Zelat leather was born when they realised that they should reach for their dreams sooner rather than later. They specialise in designing and distributing elegant, high-quality leather products that are hand-made with genuine raw South African leather.

The name ZELAT is a combination of both of our nicknames: Zellie and Atta.